Andrew Roden's fascinating book on Britain's ultimate steam locomotives
My second book was a title on the 'Princess Coronation' locomotives built by the London, Midland & Scottish Railway, now available in paperback. The 'Duchesses' have always held a particular appeal for me, so this was one of those books I'd always wanted to have a go at.

The Duchesses tells the story of these imposing and powerful locomotives from their design by William Stanier, through the record-breaking runs of the 1930s, steam's brief Indian Summer in the 1950s, to their withdrawal and the eventual preservation of three and the operation on the main line in preservation of 'Duchess of Hamilton' and 'Duchess of Sutherland.'

I aimed to tell the story in an accessible and entertaining style, and brings to life the stories of people who designed, built, maintained, and worked on the locomotives throughout their career right until the present day - if you liked Flying Scotsman you'll love this, I'm sure.