Flying Scotsman: The Extraordinary Story of The World's Most Famous Train reveals the amazing story of this railway icon. This was the first book I wrote (I edited Mallard by Don Hale), and it received a pleasing amount of attention. I must say that I didn't consider myself a particular admirer of Flying Scotsman before I wrote this book, but the research process convinced me that it deserves its place in the nation's affections.

"Andrew Roden has written a loving, if sometimes sentimental, tribute to this racing filly. The detail is everything: the rivalries, the other engines, the epic runs, the golden age of steam and the dirty, hot, draughty and demanding work of driving them. There are now almost no original components of the engine built in 1923. But her spirit lives on - and Roden has brought it back, wreathed in clouds of nostalgic steam."

Michael Binyon, The Times, July 28 2007
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"The book is dedicated to the loco's designer, crews, owners and supporters "who wrought miracles and continue to do so" and that sentiment captures the essence of the text, which conveys in a colourful and entertaining style the story of this remarkable engine's 'roller-coaster ride through history... the author is to be congratulated for the way in which he has made this complicated story accessible to a new generation of readers."
The Railway Magazine, October 2007

Think of the Golden Age of Steam and one locomotive leaps to mind above all others: the Flying Scotsman, Nigel Gresley's elegant masterpiece, which broke the world speed record in 1934 and has enthralled millions with her beauty and power.

If ever there was a steam locmotive with nine lives, it is Flying Scotsman. Rescued in the early sixties for preservation just in the nick of time as a rapid rundown of steam saw a sad procession of locomotives to the scrapyard, she has gone through a succession of owners who have taken her across the United States, to Alice Springs at the heart of Australia, even had her hauling the Orient Express. She was nearly abandoned in San Francisco when her American tour ended in bankruptcy, and in 2004 was rescued at the eleventh hour by the National Railway Museum after an urgent appeal raised millions. Now she is being extensively overhauled again so that in 2008 she may once again steam out onto the main line.

Now, Andrew Roden tells the remarkable story of this magnificent locomotive, from her glory days between the wars to her rollercoaster life as a preserved engine. He has talked to those who have owned her, worked on her, and cheered from the trackside as she thundered past, and has discovered extraordinary stories about her - like the time when her whole career nearly came to an explosive and tragic end on the Great Central Main Line thanks to fish in her tender... The Spitfire of our railways, a classic feat of engineering, a national treasure: Flying Scotsman is a living legend for everyone to celebrate.

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