Some of Andrew Roden's earliest and most treasured memories are of railways - the preserved steam trains of his native Shropshire and the West Coast electrics - and he began his writing career at RAIL Magazine in 2000. After a brief stint writing on the coach industry, he returned to railway writing in 2005, joining International Railway Journal first as News Editor and then Associate Editor. He also edited the quarterly magazine European Rail Outlook.

His latest book, 'Trains to the Trenches' is a groundbreaking new volume revealing for the first time the story of how railways shaped the course of the Great War on battlefronts in Europe, the Middle East and Africa and is set to prove popular with general history readers as well as railway and military enthusiasts.

Roden gained a reputation for his flamboyant and colourful features, which included a unique tour of the Royal Train for RAIL Magazine which many years on he rates as some of his finest work of all. After Editing 'Mallard' by Don Hale, Andrew bumped into his publisher in the bar car of the London to Penzance 'Night Riviera' sleeper train (which he was leading the campaign to save at the time), and over a whisky or two persuaded Aurum Press that a new book on 'Flying Scotsman' would be a winner.

It was, and was followed by a history of one of Andrew's favourite designs, 'The Duchesses'. After that book's publication Andrew left his colleagues at International Railway Journal to work as freelance writer, and today his work can be seen in many railway magazines.

His third book, 'Great Western Railway: a History' confirmed his standing as a highly readable and accessible writer who strikes the right balance between telling a compelling story and ensuring the detail is there.

He lives in Cornwall and is a regular commentator on regional television and radio on transport matters.